Strange Tales of
Floyd County

edited by
Patricia Robin Woodruff

copyright 2007

Foretelling Dreams - Part 1


late October, 1993

as told by C. H. Cotton


"I have had three dreams that have come true.


I purchased this house on Buffalo Lane in 1992 and moved in 1993.  It had stood vacant for about 7 years.  One night I had a dream that there was a ghostlike figure dressed in camo in my house.  He was a young man, but he was sort of misty and hard to see.  I was upset.  I told him, "You're in my house, please get out."  He was walking towards something in my house.  Then I woke up.


This was at the end of October.  Three days later, it was the first day of hunting season.  That day when I came home from work, I found that I had been robbed.  The police speculated that it was probably a hunter, which would make sense that he was dressed in camouflage.  What he stole was also in the direction that the figure was walking towards in my dream."