Strange Tales of
Floyd County

edited by
Patricia Robin Woodruff

copyright 2007

He Walks These Halls


1995 to the present

as told by Amy Stepp


"My husband's grandmother's house is haunted.  My husband lived with his Granny and his grandfather is dead now.  We've stayed over there and you can hear someone walking through the house.  I've heard glass break upstairs and then when we went up to check it out, there's nothing there.  When you are half asleep, you can see shadows move.


It's a kind of spooky place... The house is set back in the trees.  I wouldn't stay there by myself and my husband said he wouldn't neither.  My cousin stays over there and he makes sure he leaves the lights on at night.  But their Granny won't leave her home.  She's over 70 years old.  She says, "My old man's over here.  He said he'll always take care of me."  You can hear him walk the hall back and forth."